Energy Manager and Auditors Alliance

Value Statement

The Energy Manager and Auditors Alliance firmly believe that humans can work in harmony with the environment. With our services, we help organizations manage and reduce the risk of harm to the environment from certain aspects of their operations. We also help them create programs that put the safety and health of their stakeholders at the forefront. 

Through these, they can pursue their business objectives and serve their customers, clients, and communities safely and in an environment-friendly way. This policy on Environment, Safety, and Governance (ESG) outlines and fortifies the framework of our services so that we are strongly guided in all the work that we do; and so are our clients and associates.

We understand the impact that our work and services have in the global effort to advance society and sustain the world we live in. This policy’s objective is to remind the Alliance that we must always prioritize mankind and the environment in appropriate and respectful ways to cultural diversity. It guides our business associates in providing services to their clients.

Energy Managers and Auditors Alliance will hold regular assemblies to ensure that the policies remain relevant, informed, and applicable to current times so that only the best practices are performed. By doing this, we wish to inspire our partners, associate businesses, and clients to follow our lead.

Scope and Governance

Our Environment, Safety, and Governance Policy is our own and is employed by our President on our behalf. It applies to all aspects of the Energy Managers and Auditors Alliance business and operations, and it endeavors to inspire the Alliance’s associate businesses to embody the same in their companies.

Focus Areas

Environmental Awareness

Energy Managers and Auditors Alliance will commit to taking accountability for our operations’ impact on the environment. We will remain open to regular evaluations and recommendations by the experts within the Alliance to continuously do better in managing our impact on the environment.

The Alliance will seek to hold virtual, instead of person-to-person, meetings and maximize the use of digital tools to minimize our carbon footprints and use of resources made from raw materials found in nature.

Safety and Health

The Alliance will comply with the safety and health regulations set forth by governing bodies to maintain an ideal workplace for our employees and associates.

We will demonstrate the same compliance in catering guests and attendees to any events we hold, and we will only hold these events if the circumstances strongly demand it.

In all our events, we will ensure the safety of our location, conduct thorough risk assessments, and address the slightest health and safety concern that may arise.

Inclusivity and Diversity

We will demonstrate inclusivity in all our business affairs and seek to remove any barriers that can exclude any member of our diverse group. 

We will ensure that opportunities and access to them are equally available to everyone.

The Alliance will commit to this area by conducting regular seminars and training to build knowledge and awareness on diversity and inclusivity.