Zooming in on Values and Strategies: Unyielding Over Resilience

The pandemic has shaken many people to the ground. Businesses have closed and reopened; people have lost and found jobs. But then we get back up, pull ourselves together, and go back to normal. We call this resiliency.

If we look at the definition of resilience, it means going back to the original form after being bent or twisted. From that definition, being resilient means that you waved and tethered and then went back to your original post, regaining your values and stance.

No matter how much of a trend resilience is now, we refuse to agree to it. Instead, we believe that we should be unyielding. Meaning, we never lost our form and stance in the first place, no matter how badly the pandemic shook the world.

That’s why we uphold our values and strategies so much. Our values are what we live for, and our strategies are what allow us to do so. Together, these two made us unyielding.

We never took a break from our values, plans, commitment to our employees and stakeholders, programs for the environment, our safety, and our health. We stuck to them and never left. Our talented and experienced associates make it impossible to tether amidst the waves alongside our values and strategies. We had solid allies and even stronger “unity in values” that kept us bound. We never had to bounce back because we never fell.

So, with due respect to the trend and experiences of others, we prefer to be unyielding than resilient.

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