Sustainability for All

It’s quite unfortunate for greener, cleaner options to be expensive. Just as it’s expensive to live healthily and eat organic, whole foods, technology for clean, renewable energy is also heavy on the pockets.

This creates a divide between organizations that can afford it and those that can’t. Regardless, the local governments’ standards are the same for all. This makes it difficult for some organizations to comply with regulations despite their sincere efforts to fight climate change and environmental pollution.

And so, the Inclusive Green Energy was created, the UN describes it as clean and efficient production but “inclusive in consumption and outcomes.”

Exclusivity currently exists, and that’s because of unequal access to the latest technologies and improved processes. If this persists, the “exclusive” group will not be able to sustain the frameworks they have in place. If we are to create a better future, knowledge, technology, and the process should be accessible to everyone. 

UCLA has declared sustainability to be reliant on equity, environment, and economy. Unfortunately, equity is often out of the equation, and so sustainability is never achieved by all. Most of the time, people ignore the difficult and necessary and go with the easy, which is also costly and difficult to cascade.

If we were to make it together, grants should be accessible to all so that everyone can get their hands on better resources. This way, we can break down exclusivity and open our doors to those who have been left out in upgrading their systems and improving equipment and programs that help reduce carbon footprint.

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