Emergency Response Preparedness

Having emergency preparedness is one of the best ways to combat unmitigated disasters. According to data, the majority of accidents happen because of hazards caused by people. In other words, most disasters are preventable. However, even if an incident happens, we can stop further damage and facilitate recovery through well-crafted emergency response programs.

We believe that a complete emergency response procedure, intensive training, and communication are huge parts of an organization’s ESH programs. With the collaboration of our associates, we help organizations comply with the regulations of their government, create an organized emergency response, conduct relevant training and establish effective means of communication.

This focus area is very dear to the Energy Managers and Auditors Alliance because it proves significant to all organizations across various industries. The degree may vary, but its implementation should be non-optional.

We have integrated services in this area that covers a wide range of emergencies and disasters such as earthquake, fire, and medical. To help organizations, we facilitate forming their teams and committees that will oversee the implementation of their emergency response procedures during drills and unfortunate events. We’ll also train them how to audit themselves and rate their readiness and recovery speed.

Under this focus area are the following services:

  • Creation of emergency response programs
  • Classroom and hands-on training
  • Conducting and rating drills
  • Facilitate the formation of response teams and committees

Through our services, the following results can be expected:

  • A knowledgeable, equipped, ad emergency-prepared human resource
  • Better management of emergencies and recovery procedures
  • Compliance with global standards

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