Managing Natural Resources, Minimizing Carbon Emission, Addressing Climate Change

People are becoming more and more conscious of climate change. Campaigns are getting louder online and offline that have moved businesses towards a more environment-conscious place.

Energy Managers and Auditors Alliance heed this call and is helping organizations keep up and prepare for future regulations, standards, and policies. 

Decarbonization will become the way of the world. The automotive industries are taking the spotlight and utilizing electricity to power their vehicles. Soon enough, the light will turn to other sectors that will have to face the challenge.

The Alliance will be there for those industries. We help our clients determine their impacts on Environment, Safety, and Health (ESG) and identify S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound) objectives and solutions backed by science and influence by their stakeholders.

Our solutions are based on strategic management and the use of natural resources. We also employ certain frameworks that standardize the monitoring and reporting of different operational aspects to meet guidelines like the CDP, TCFD, and GRI. 


Our services concerning climate change and natural resources management are:

  • Developing strategic energy utilization practices
  • Setting science-based objectives
  • Providing support in conducting CDP
  • Providing support in conducting TCFD

With these services, we can deliver the following results:

  • A comprehensive report on the company’s impact on the environment and the climate
  • Provide an understanding of how the climate can affect the business in return
  • Set reasonable and achievable goals to minimize the impact on climate through science-based solutions

Energy Managers and Auditors Alliance don’t only resolve the past and address the present; we prepare for the future. As the public becomes more aware of climate change, the demand for the use of renewable and clean energy will rise, and businesses will have to pay attention.