Waste Management and Reduction

The Energy Managers and Auditors Alliance is a part of the global effort to reduce the companies’ impact on the environment. Although we support our world’s industrial progression, we believe in containing waste to reduce or eliminate negative environmental impacts.

When we work with companies, we assess the potential impacts they can have on the environment and create strategies to prevent environmental damages and mitigate or eliminate existing ones. Together, we create waste management/reduction/elimination programs to minimize the companies’ carbon footprint. While doing this, we make sure that the quality standard of their products and services are not compromised.

With the help of our expert associates who have already worked with organizations worldwide, we help businesses study the process of creating their products and delivering their services and identify how to reduce waste in their operations. Then, we develop programs that involve stakeholders and process owners (employees), making sure they all play significant roles in the company’s waste reduction programs.

One of the programs we believe in is recycling to minimize the waste that companies send to landfills. Success recycling lies in studying the lifecycle of the companies’ products and optimizing them to reduce scrap.

Under this focus area are the following services:

  • Assessment of the current situation
  • Process analysis
  • Identifying solutions
  • Creating programs based on data-based solutions
  • Process and production optimization programs
  • Implementation and sustainability of waste reduction programs (e.g., recycling)

Through these services, we can deliver these results:

  • Comprehensive map of the products’ lifecycle
  • Effective and sustainable waste management and reduction programs

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