Safe Constructions

Construction sites are filled with hazards, but it’s a necessary part of business development and expansion. However, just because it’s part of the job doesn’t mean it should be left as it is: dangerous.

There are measures that a company can take to minimize the risk and hazards in construction sites. The Alliance’s concern is centered on the safety of the company’s workers, their contractors, the surrounding communities and the general public. Our sincere efforts in helping keep all parties stem from our respect for everyone we do business with and those who can suffer the aftermaths of unmitigated risks.

The Energy Managers and Auditors Alliance assist our clients from selecting reliable contractors to project management. We only work with excellent partners and encourage our clients to do the same. The engineers of our associate businesses have bonds with compliant and trustworthy contractors with methodologies aligned to our values and priorities.

Our Associates have construction experts who can identify and manage risk all throughout the work cycle. We are the complete package that every project can ever need. Companies can never go wrong with our Alliance.

Our services in this focus area include:

  • Needs assessment
  • Risk assessment
  • Development and Implementation of Work Contracts
  • Screening and Qualification Criteria for Contractors
  • On-site Project Management
  • Securing and complying with work permits
  • Training on managing contractors
  • Fire risk reduction measures
  • Behavior-based safety training

Through our services, we deliver the following results:

  • Excellent selection of contractors
  • Minimization of liabilities inherent in construction sites
  • Heightened awareness on safety measures for workers

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