Wastewater Management

Water is a valuable resource we can’t afford to waste. No matter what industry a company is in, water is an integral part of its survival and the completion of its processes.

However, if water is abundant, a company can sometimes overlook ways to conserve it or filter it before being disposed of. Filtering used water can prevent the pollution of its dumpsite, which, sometimes, are bodies of water. This can threaten the availability of clean, drinkable water and significantly affect biodiversity, sanitation, and our survival.

The Energy Managers and Auditors Alliance have associates who are professionals in managing water and wastewater. We have hydrologists, biologists, environmental policy experts, urban planning experts, IT professionals, and soil experts who are active in their respective fields.

We can help businesses understand global challenges about water and create solutions so we can utilize water more responsibly, protect our natural water resources, and ensure proper water disposal.

The programs we create are personalized to make sure they can be easily integrated into the business’ operational procedures. This way, the programs are practical, manageable, and sustainable.

The services under this focus area are:

  • Review of existing water management practices
  • Assessment of water utilization and the impact it has on the environment
  • Creation of water source protection programs
  • Improvement of water usage management through engineering
  • Assistance in complying with performance standards and permits
  • Creation of water usage and waste monitoring programs
  • Creation of water usage optimization programs
  • Programs for assessing environmental impacts

We guarantee the following results:

  • Awareness of and compliance to local performance standards
  • Assessment of various types and bodies of water that the company uses and affects
  • Sustainable water management and disposal programs

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