Audits and Inspections

To meet local and global ESG standards, an establishment must go through plenty of audits and inspections. Most of the time, companies face the enormous challenge of getting up to date with all the regulations and policies. 

That is when the Energy Managers and Auditors Alliance come in and help the companies stay on top of everything. We have experts at various locales worldwide who understand the regulations, the intentions behind them, and the language of the governing bodies.

Unlike other service providers who rely on contractors, we are an association of businesses who are leading our industry in different countries worldwide. Despite our vastness, we all revolve around a center that contains the framework and values by which we work. 

If you have us, you have an army of experts at your disposal wherever your facilities are located. We have auditing programs that mirror actual audits so we can thoroughly comb through your materials and spot the slightest discrepancies.

This focus area includes the following services:

  • Creation of ESH and sustainability auditing program
  • Implementation of ESH programs for sustainability and monitoring
  • Localized or globalized procedures (depending on your goals or what suits you best)
  • Actionable corrective and improvement plans
  • Data analysis
  • Multilingual consultants

With these, we can deliver the following results:

  • A comprehensive audit program that mimics the actual ones to ensure preparedness
  • A wide range of resources to implement and sustain ESH programs
  • Ensured compliance to set programs across the various locations of your organization

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