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Solar Energy: Positives and Negatives

Despite not being able to capture the full power of the sun, it remains the best (and free) source of energy for all living things. If we can collect and harness its energy within one day, we can power the globe for a whole year!

Therefore, the growing popularity of solar panels should come as no surprise. However, no matter how obvious the benefits are of harnessing the sun’s energy, there are still pros and cons in utilizing it.

Let’s begin with the pros:

1.Solar Energy is renewable

As mentioned, it’s unlimited. Being renewable, we will never run out of it. According to scientists, if the sun lives, we can bask in its power; and we still have billions of years to do so.

2. Cheaper energy

Using solar energy can reduce electricity bills. Having solar panels makes it useless to rely on electricity companies for power.

3. High-tech and easy to maintain

Solar panel technology has been well-developed over the years, making them more efficient at harnessing the sun’s power and easier to maintain. Cleaning the solar panels thoroughly twice a year should do the trick.

On the other hand, we have the cons:

4. Weather-dependent

Cloudy, rainy, and stormy days are the enemies of your solar panels. This means their useability is limited by climate and geography.

5. Expense

Not on electricity bills but on purchase and installation. Solar panels don’t come cheap. It’s an investment that only breaks even and gives returns after a few years. Aside from that, storing solar energy is also expensive.

6. Consumes space

Your roof is spacious enough to hold enough solar panels to power your house.

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